Exciting Future! :D

I am soo impatient and can’t wait for too long when I know something exciting or amazing is going to happen!
I have a massive future plan ahead of me and I have to say .. I’m like a kid again. The best thing is that it’s going to mine all mine!! Ahh – Eeek!! :D.

Now I’m not one to tell before anything happens so I’m keeping it a surprise until the ball gets rolling .. And fingers crossed it starts in 2017!
But I can say I’m going to be able to do a lot more .. Have special decorations and there will be lots of pink ;).
Sound amazing right?! Oh yes .. Oh yes it does.

So if I’m still blogging in 2017 .. You will know all about it :D. Just wish me luck.

Anywhoo .. If you are on Facebook .. Why not pop over to my page? Cherry CakeWell I have an online bake sale going on, showcasing some of my new flavours for just £1! And the best thing .. I can post them too :D.

So it would be lovely to see you over there.

Laterz potataz! :p
Cherry CakeWell xx.


I’m Back!! :D

Heeyyy!! :).
I haven’t really been blogging lately as I got carried away with baking and my family .. But I’m back! And boy don’t I have a lot to show you :).

Well there was Christmas .. That got a little busy with lots of hampers going out ..

20140419-061516 pm.jpg

Then there was Valentines day ..

20140419-061658 pm.jpg

20140419-061740 pm.jpg

Mother’s Day ..

20140419-061838 pm.jpg

And now Easter!!

20140419-061918 pm.jpg

And also all of the other orders in between 😉 ..

20140419-062054 pm.jpg

20140419-062129 pm.jpg

20140419-062156 pm.jpg

20140419-062241 pm.jpg

20140419-065647 pm.jpg

20140419-065713 pm.jpg

20140419-065738 pm.jpg

20140419-065820 pm.jpg

20140419-065903 pm.jpg

20140419-065916 pm.jpg

So that was my months summed up in a few pics!

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter and I’ll be blogging again soon!!

20140419-070049 pm.jpg

Cherry CakeWell xx

Lucky Charms Cupcakes

A few days ago I had an amazing idea for a new cupcake flavour!
I went straight online and ordered myself some Lucky Charms :).

Do you remember them?
They’re the most yummiest cereal I’ve had and they bring back a lot of childhood memories for me.
Cereal with brightly coloured marshmallow bits :).

It’s so hard to buy them in the UK now .. At least I thought so.
But they are still expensive!

So my little box of Lucky Charms turn up and I’m really happy!

I get started on baking so I could show everyone pictures of my treat :).

20130909-094323 PM.jpg

I thought I would do rainbow sponge as it will go with the marshmallow bits .. But it turns out I underestimated how much mix I would need :(.
So they didn’t rise as high as normal.

20130909-094456 PM.jpg

Then I topped it with vanilla buttercream and the marshmallows :).
I thought they were really yummy and I did let my inner child out on these .. How could you not?!

20130909-094653 PM.jpg

I still think they are yummy! And I’ve had lovely feedback from them :).

They’re just not as popular as I thought :(.

But it’s okay .. I have a new idea brewing so I will keep you all updated on how it goes :).

I hope you enjoy my Lucky Charms Cupcakes .. I did :).

20130909-095051 PM.jpg
Cherry CakeWell xx

Pattern Roll Cakes!

Has anyone seen the Pattern Roll Cakes/Decor Cakes that are around?
Do you think they will be the new ‘cake’?
Or not really a fan?

I myself think they look fab!
And I really can’t wait to make one .. Hopefully Monday :).

I’ve being doing some research on them and I believe they originated from Japan .. They are very popular there at the moment!
The recipe .. I thought was normal cake mix but it turns out that its not. It’s made up of meringue also .. Which will give you that fluffiness I guess :).

20130903-020938 PM.jpg

20130903-020953 PM.jpg

You can fill them with any filling you wish and design them with any pattern.

It’s a fun and creative way to bake a cake. Also a great alternative from a Yule log for Christmas ;).

20130903-021152 PM.jpg

20130903-021216 PM.jpg

I’ve found google images and YouTube have given me a great insight into how to make them and I will definitely be having a go at creating my own patterns :).
You can print off any images you wish to create ..
Or make your own stencils/templates.

It will be a great way to get your children/grandchildren involved in baking too .. Having their artwork on your cake!

20130903-021743 PM.jpg

So don’t just take my word for it!
Have a look on YouTube and get the ingredients in :).
Nice .. Simple and easy to make .. But very effective!

If you bake some .. Send me your pictures to cherrycakewell@live.co.uk and I will share them :).

Cherry CakeWell xx

PB & Oreo Cupcakes :)

So today I had an order for PB & Oreo Cupcakes ..

I’ve been wanting to try these for a while now so I offered a trial box.

At first I thought the mix was going to overflow in the case .. Then it looked like it was going to cave in!
But luckily they didn’t :).

I think they turned out perfect for a first try!

I was a bit unsure on what flavoured frosting I was going use .. Would it be PB .. Oreo or ..
So I went with chocolate :).

Then I topped them with a piece of Oreo.

I have to say .. PB and Oreo goes really well together.
I didn’t know what they would taste like but they turned out well.
It’s not a flavour that suits my palette but I’m sure there’s plenty of people out there who would enjoy them :).

So here they are .. PB & Oreo Cupcakes!
A must try ;).

20130831-024630 PM.jpg

20130831-024643 PM.jpg

And here is what I noticed underneath the cupcake :p

20130831-024756 PM.jpg

I hope you enjoy them as much as me :).

Cherry CakeWell xx

Get To Know Me :)

20130830-050649 PM.jpg

So here is the Get To Know Me ..

I’m Danielle .. Full time mummy of two and baker and decorator of Cherry CakeWell :).

I’ve only been baking for 7 months so I’m still new to the baking world and I’ve still got a lot more learn :).
Which I can’t wait for!

For those of you who know me .. You would know that baking has just come out of the blue.
I never baked when I was younger .. I was too busy going out with my friends and being the tomboy I was (yes .. Quite shocking lol).
I was more interested in eating cakes than baking them.

Then as I grew up I lived life and had my son :).
He was/is my world .. Everything I done was for him.
Once in a blue moon I would buy the packet cake mixes for us to bake, which never turned out perfect. My icing was always runny too!
Then I met Mr.CakeWell .. Baking was still to the minimum.
Then along came my daughter and that changed everything!
I became more girly .. Started to love pink and got into baking more packet cake mixes which lead to homemade shortbread. That still wasn’t perfect as I never had any scales :(.
Time went on and we decided we wanted to move.
So off we went to sunny Cornwall! Yay!

I was still baking from packet cake mixes until not long after I had made some caramel cupcakes a little idea popped into my head!
Why don’t I start my own cupcake business?!
I started doing research on where and how to start .. Slept on it and still wanted to start up my own business when I woke up. So I’m guessing that’s a good sign .. As everything else I think of at night always goes by the morning! :p.

So I spoke to my dad and got a few ingredients to get started on :).
At first I practiced my piping skills on packet cake mixes .. Tried out a few flavours and got know how much mix goes into cases to get them at a good level.
Once I was more confident I started making my own cake mix .. Which I found really simple (luckily).
I found ways of improving my recipes and created my own Facebook page to showcase everything I done.

Then eventually on Fathers Day I picked up .. I got my first bunch of orders!
I was originally called PixieMee Cupcakes but after getting to know more bakers and liking more pages I decided to change my name to Cherry CakeWell.
Plus I wanted to start making celebration cakes and other bakes so Cupcakes would just confuse everyone.

Then my page started growing as so did my orders ..
I am now slowly but surely becoming a proper homemade business which I hope everyone loves :).

I have met so many wonderful and pleasant bakers along my journey and I’m looking forward to meeting more :).
It’s scary going into business in a world you don’t know but I have been welcomed warmly and I’m very grateful!

So that’s me :D.
I’ve still got a long journey to make yet and I hope you would like to join me?!

I don’t know how to end this so ..
I’ll blog ya soon 😀